FydeOS Bugs

This OS sucks!
Here is the list of problems:
P.S: I’m typing in English because Chinese is not usable.

  1. It can’t work normally with USB Drive(on Pi).Actually , it is so slow that I have to wait 5 minutes for it to boot!
  2. It won’t “refresh” your payment , if you reflash the img ,

Your money is gone!!!

  1. Mostly , is can’t provide a stable Chinese input.
  2. After I installed it in USB drive and done the system setup , I rebooted.Then I found a button below my account said “bi xu deng lu” , and after I pressed the button and entered my phone number and password , it said:“Login Failed , Please check your Internet connection and try again”(translated) , but I could do nothing but reboot(or shutdown)!
  3. It can’t execute Android at all!

@alpha Please help…

  • FydeOS uses hardware finger prints to generate an unique ID for each device. If you change a core component of the device, for example the stroage device, the unique ID would change so your previous subscription would no longer be recognised. This however does not mean your money is gone, you can create a support ticket here to get one of our team members to do a manual transfer of your subscription to your new device ID. Just provide a proof of payment and your new device ID and let us do it for you.

  • Issues like “USB drive boots slow”, “Android app not starting” and “not able to login” it’s really ymmv, we can’t reproduce them within our testbed and if you browse the entire forum there isn’t much similar report of the same issue. If what you are complaining about is common for all users, guess our support team would be doing 996 and eventually end up in ICU. The fact is we all happily manage our work-life balance so maybe it’s the problem of your USB drive not being good enough, or there were i/o errors here and there, or there were internet connection issues. I am not saying it definitely is, it’s all just likely possibilities, I took an educated guess, no offence.

  • FydeOS was originally designed for running on PCs, best optimised for Intel’s x86 chips. In order to let FydeOS (with bells and whistles) running on the Raspberry Pi we took much effort and also made many compromises. The Raspberry Pi 4 is a $40 SBC so perhaps you need to adjust your expectations of what you want with an OS.

  • The Chinese input method within FydeOS as of today isn’t quite the top grade, we know that. Working on it.

  • Spreading FUD and telling “FydeOS sucks” is not really helpful at all.

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如果不能复现那么确实挺糟糕的,但是我可以确认我的usb设备完全没有问题,它在接到树莓派或者笔记本上的其他系统时可以跑到70MB/s 和230MB/s的,可以流畅的安装一台windows系统,但是和fydeos一起使用时却非常缓慢,表现甚至没有一张sd卡好,不知道为什么。




你是不是用 SD 卡和 USB 都很慢?你试试看运行其他操作系统呢,可能是树莓派本身的问题而不是存储介质的问题。

一般的设备重装都是安装在同一硬盘上,并不会影响订阅,树莓派属于特殊情况。一般用户会在稳定使用之后,再付费订阅,毕竟有免费 90 天的使用期限,即时有特殊情况需要更换存储介质,也可以发工单联系我们进行手工操作。

其他操作系统挺流畅的,Win on ARM都好好的········

如果 SD 卡还算流畅只是 USB 很慢,那大概率还是你这个 USB 有问题。

说实话,FydeOS for RPi 是 FydeOS for You 所有版本中订阅用户最多的,你所说的很慢以及安卓无法使用的问题没有其他人反馈过,所以我们只能判断是你的设备或者存储介质的问题。

如果想确保运行速度,推荐使用 nvme 固态硬盘来作为移动存储介质。


用的是2700元买的硬盘了 :sleepy:

这人的设备是有 Nvidia 独显的,所以涉及 GPU 的问题,树莓派不存在这个问题。


使用fydeos rdp之后就可以重复使用安卓应用了
Waveshare 7inch LCD B