Problem with google store

Hi I installed fydeos on my pc and is working good with android applcation and other store like aptoide & apkpure but the problem with google stor when i start it tell me no connection to the server . What the problem you think and for note i am out china . Please help

Best Regards

嗨,我在我的电脑上安装了fydeos,并且与android applcation和其他商店(如aptoide和apkpure)配合良好,但是当我启动google stor时出现问题,告诉我没有与服务器的连接。 您认为什么问题,值得注意的是我不在中国。 请帮忙


the similar issue occurs to me, the google play store can't been logged,and click log button, no response, I can't input my google account, but some installed apps GMS prompts updating, this issue has troubled me from using Fydeos.