Android subsystem crashing problem

android subsystem crashing problemScreenshot 2021-04-14 12.54.19 AM

maybe you can reboot it and have a try again

i already tried 4 times

em,may you can uninstall it,and install it again?

ok thanks

Maybe you can show the equipment model, specific configuration and provide a larger range of screenshots

intel i3 2310M
64 bit processorScreenshot 2021-04-14 1.15.01 AM

What about other devices? Do you have a separate graphics card?

Are you installing on your local hard disk or mobile device


local hard disk

Single system or multi system

single system

emm,so,back up the data, install the latest version and try it.
As we all know, re installation solves 99.9% of the problems.
If there are still problems, we will continue to solve them.
By the way, brother, which country are you living?

ok thanks

You’re welcome.
If there is any problem after the re install, you can come to here again.I will try my best to help you.
If it’s settled, don’t forget to tell me, lest I miss you.

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so,did the measure take effect?Or you’re still in the process of re installing?