Apps Unable to open / Icon only showing loading icon

Hardware model: HP Pavilion 15-cs0039TX

CPU: CPU: Intel CORE i5 8th Generation

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce

The version number of FydeOS used: FydeOS for PC v12.1 dual boot along side windows 10.

Problem description: Hello there, I recently installed Fydeos and I tried rooting fydeos, but now the apps won’t open, instead, when I click on an app, the icon just shows that it’s loading.

FydeOS for PC has limited support for Nvidia graphics and you tried rooting FydeOS, so it’s hard to confirm the exact cause of your problem.

the system runs perfectly when its rooted and when there are no GAPPS installed. If GAPPS are installed and the fydeos is rooted then the apps will keep loading. I don’t understand why this is the case but it seems as though GAPPS will cause all other apps to not work if fydeos is rooted :pensive:

Please note that Open GApps is a 3rd party offering, within FydeOS it’s an experimental feature at its best, let alone rooting. FydeOS has never official supported rooting the Android subsystem. If you wish to go down the experimental route it’s fine, but you may need to fix stuff when things fall apart.