Wrong time is displayed

Hello all, I am new to Fyde OS and find it to be interesting however, upon trying it out, I find that the wrong time is displayed on the bottom lower right and trying to change the time zone in settings does not fix the issue. I have even set it to automatically get date and time and time zone from the network but the clock is still showing the wrong time. Anyone else experience this bug with not being able to display the correct time? If so how to fix it? Thanks.

is it only the timezone to be incorrect, or the time is completely over the moon?

What device are you using?

Its the time zone it seems to be stuck on pacific time zone. Manually charging the time zone has no effect. I am using a HP Prodesk 400 G4 Desktop Mini PC with an Intel core i5 8500T processor running at 2.1Ghz with 8GB of RAM, integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics and Fyde OS 12.2.