Download RPi 4B bèta?

Where can I download the RPi 4B bèta version? This one works much better.

FydeOS for You does not offer “beta” version, sorry.

The current version is:

FydeOS v13.0-SP1 (Raspberry Pi 400 release version) Platform 13982.75.13.14 (32-bits)
Chromium version 92.0.4515.138 (32-bits)

And I’m looking for the previous version:

FydeOS v11.4 (Raspberry Pi 400 release version) Platform 13421.23.11.25 (32-bits)
Chromium version 86.0.4240.260 (32-bits)

I thought it was a bèta. Does anyone know where I can download it?

Thank you very much! :innocent: :grin:

Is there a v12?