Audio always plays through speakers and overheat (Chromebook Pixel 2013)

Hi, lets begin with short story, I bought Chromebook Pixel 2013 about week ago, installed FydeOS and then started coding in it. In one moment I turned on my music (with connected headphones) and… Music doesnt play in headphones and my CPU temp was too high (near 334K; I discovered, that it was always high from the moment when I got pixel 2013). Later I found post about AlsaMixer and other things (including ECTool), headphones are working now and temps is pretty OK, when I setup fanduty at 50, but after reboot all settings are rolling back to default, so my questions are:

  1. How I can change default audio chip (if it is possible) or how I can create BASH script for switch ON setting called “HP\Speaker Auto Detect”
  2. How I can change default fan curve in chronos?

Q: Are headphones visible in output devices before manipulation in AlsaMixer?A: Yes, they are, but when I switch to speakers and than go back to headphones - nothing changes. (Headphones models: Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear 1st gen, Sennheiser On-Ear 1st gen, Sennheiser HD599, all are visible, but dont work without manipulations in Alsa)

P.S.: Sorry for bad english, I tried my best to represent the situation :frowning:

Thanks for the thorough description.

With regard to Chromium OS audio module and headphone jack detection, we have tested the FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013 release on several Chromebook Pixel 2013 devices and they all functioned well.

With regard to changing the audio selection preference, I am not aware there is a way to perform this via shell script. You can alter this in code level and build your own Chromium OS (openFyde) if you are interested.

With regard to power management module powerd of Chromium OS, you can read about the doc.

Please note that the Chromebook Pixel 2013 is quite a dated device and those that are still circulating in the flea market are of very different quality. It’s very possible that your current device may have been previously damaged and repaired by replacing hardware components and chips. Also, due to the sheer age of this device, we found that a significant number of ours in the testbed are demonstrating hardware related issues that are intermittent, difficult to reproduce and impossible for us to fix (e.g. storage i/o error, RAM corruption and overheat due to thermal sensor malfunction). Therefore we have already made the decision to EOL FydeOS for You - Chromebook Pixel 2013 in the next release.