Dual boot installation error - tune2fs

Hi, I’m trying to do a dual boot installation with Windows 10. I have two discs - one SSD and one HDD. Tried to install to both but without success. For some of the partitions I see a message that there is no EFI partition in the selected disc. The HDD is not a GPT disc so I found that I can’t create an EFI partition there if any of the primary partitions are not marked as Active. So went for the SDD option thinking that is has a Boot partition and will do the job.

I get this message (attached).

I’d be grateful for some advice on this.

It seems there are some limitations in editing your ESP. A few things you could try:

  • Untick the “Configure rEFInd” option and re-try the multi-boot installation, if it happens to be successful, manually configure rEFInd on your Windows 10.
  • Check your BIOS settings and completely disable the CSM option (if applicable) and re-try the multi-boot installation