Chrome 101 Released With Priority Hints, Federated Credential Management API

Chrome 101 is out today as stable for the newest feature update to Google’s cross-platform web browser.

Chrome 101 changes for this monthly browser update include:

  • Coming in as an origin trial is the Federated Credential Management API (FedCM). This new API is described as “privacy-preserving identity federation and is designed to make identity federation continue to allow use cases without the need for cross-site tracking such as third-party cookies.” For the v101 the origin trial is for Android use only while desktop support is expected in Chrome 102.

  • Priority Hints as a way of indicating a resource’s relative importance to the web browser. Priority Hints in turn can give more (or less) priority when loading different assets.

  • The font-palette CSS property now lets developers select a palette from a color font.

  • Support for the hwb() CSS function for specifying sRGB colors for hue whiteness and blackness (HWB) values.

  • MediaCapabilities API support for WebRTC streams.

  • Additions to the Secure Payment Confirmation API v3 support.

  • USBDevice now has a forget() method to voluntarily revoke a permission to a USB device.

  • WebSQL for third-party contexts has been removed, a decade after the WebSQL database standard was abandoned