Error on OpenGapps installation [Solved]

Hi guys, there are an error installing OpenGapps, the app cannot find some file.
Now the repository starts with 20191208.

Regards, U.

Thanks, we have fixed the installation script. You may retry.

Meanwhile, you are also able to manually download an Open GApps payload at your chosen version and let this GUI tool to do its job.

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Many thanks for quick solution Alfa,
I report that Fyde is near perfect on Asus VivoBook Pro (17’’, Core i7, 16 GB RAM).
The trackpad also works, including multi finger gestures, but not the click by tapping, it is necessary to click (two fingers for the right click).
The keyboard backlight don’t work.

Great work guys, 9.2 is fantastic!

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am facing similar I couldn’t able to install “OPEN G APP” application could you please help.

I hope you can read my bad english language… if you are using a USB pendrive, it is impossible to install the Open Gapps.
To install Gapps you must install FydeOS on the disk (better SSD), then activate Android, then install Open Gapps.