native bridge like android-x86

the microsoft office android version says that intel cpu is not supported,
in an android-x86 build, native bridge would help
would fydeos support instruction interpret like android-x86 does?

FydeOS supports armv7a builds. It’s MS Office app that is complaining here, not FydeOS Android. Usually when an Android app knows to complain about not being compatible, it means it has x86 variant.

So you need to run x86 variant of MS Office instead, available from FydeOS Store.

thanks, i m not very familiar with android software or arm isa arch etc. but i could run ms office android on prime os(an androidx86 made by indian)

could u explain why armv7a builds are supported while armv8 or aarch64 are not?

android ndk for armv8 can’t be adapted to x86?