5.0 DEV Not booting from USB

So, im sorry im not a Chinese guy so my post will be in english and translated using google translate to chinese below (might make sence?).

So after i flashed fydeos to my USB drive using etcher i boot it up in my old ASUS eee 1015BX (running CloudReady by NeverWare) i get stuck on "Booting the kernel." i have left it for about 6 hours to find out that it is still "Booting the kernel." is there any way to get a log from that state or could i change the kernel my self some how since it's booting CloudReady? (every thing is working in CloudReady except bluetooth.)

Great regards, Mattias Magnusson

Translated Using Google Translate


因此,在我使用蝕刻器將閃存閃存到我的USB驅動器後,我在我的舊華碩eee 1015BX(由NeverWare運行CloudReady)中啟動它,我被卡在“啟動內核”上。 我已經離開它大約6個小時,發現它仍然是“引導內核”。 有沒有辦法從該狀態獲取日誌,或者我可以自己更改內核,因為它啟動CloudReady? (除了藍牙,每件事都在CloudReady中工作。)

致以愉快的問候,Mattias Magnusson