[教程] 如何在fydeos/openfyde上替换6.6内核

Fuck I’m jelous… I wanted this neat kernel on my Edge 2 :weary:

what about the new collabora kernel? Its working apparently… you sure theres nothing ‘we’ can do regarding this?

You got these working on this FydeOS/Brunch Combo magic? Master Monoco Is BACK! :beer:

No. I just dislike that people keeping complaining about Why their new hardware isn’t supported and other people think they know everything well but only keep asking links then build nothing.

There are low hanging fruits in chromeos-x.x. It’s not a hard work to make it work.

Also, it’s vendor rockchip/radxa/outsourcing’s fault for pushing their code upstream and replying to questions in their forums.

Su will all the respect and trust me. I understand you and Ive seen that happen myself yous have to take a full glass of patience everyday… But. Have you wonder why people cant do that too themselves?

I know that Alpha even made a video teaching on how to Cook ChromiumOS for the Raspberry pi with the FydeOS overylays but Ive tried to replicate the process without success. Im no IT genius I will admit it but…

Theres too many caveats.

Example: Recipe for AX210 which is something … that should be easy… We have to start by checking conflicts where? On crostini terminal but no mentions to it then cherry-pick ive never seen heard of that in my life is it known by the system? Do I have to install said requirement? In the end from what I understood which is the most complex part its cros_sdk ive only got it “working right” once and took me a while
till it did but in this example of guide the (outside) mention means we can do it all inside our own system? i mean openfyde crostini? Or will I need to boot another ubuntu computer with loads of ram to grab the generated files from openfyde to run cros_sdk to compile things the right way etc etc… and just so you see in this process we need 2 computers. Anyway I cant find this easy at all or simple. (Most likely because it isnt easy or simple)

You lost me there… radxa is always ahead a step or two and allows a bit too much from outside disrespect not always towards them but even between ‘said’ alter egos… Thats on people. But shows how important they are as a company to their customers I would say. (If they wanted they could manage that easy)

Anyway I dont wanna be dodging the main post goal on a foreign language community either… Im just a curious person loving to see these improvements closely. :sweat_smile:

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It’s not about chromiumos build which is toooooo complicated. It’s just about patching and building kernels. Building kernel is not hard for normal linux users. Download source code, put config into the
directory then call make. There are too many guides in debian/fedora/archlinux.

The people I mean are persons who asked for openfyde patches and configs to build their kernels.
Almost everything was pasted. They finally said “Why some patches can not be applied. Please supply a github action to build it”. So I created the post as their wish.

For users, I am willing to help them with all respect.

I don’t know. I saw the others from community to
send code about PCIE in rock5b to upstream. The linux-rockchip people just ignored the
patches, no response at all.

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1.有方法在fydeos v16.1上用6.6的内核吗?我试过发现系统启动不了(logo都没显示,一片黑)


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我最近安装试了最新的deepin v23 beta3,现在我这ESSX8336声卡已经是直接完美了,声音完全正常。
不用像v23 beta2那样,音量小,要手动调及改配置文件了。



这工具不错,E540笔记本触摸板用快捷键禁不了,用这个加载命令sudo modprobe -r psmouse就行了,这样打字就不影响了