No HDMI sound / 没有HDMI声音

No HDMI sound / 没有HDMI声音

Fyde OS 5.1

Platform: Ara-X5-Plus CPU – Intel Atom x5-Z8300 GPU – Intel Gen8 HD graphics AUDIO - Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)

Thanks for understanding. No Chinese speaker and just automated translation.


Actually, I have a similar platform. It's Intel Atom x5-Z8750, the rest is all the same.

I even can't boot correctly...

By the way, you can click the headphone icon next to volume bar, to switch audio output device.

Fyde Os is booting with no problems. HDMI output is gone. Only avaiable outputs are USB sound (headphones icon) and analog output. I can click on both of them

Version 12.2 problem with HDMI sounds… Using Intel stick… how can i change the config file…

Intel HDMI/DP LPE Audio

but LPE Audio drivers were non-existent in this system.

This problem with no audio through HDMI seems to be a Linux issue as I have encountered this issue with all the Linux distributions that I have tried including Fyde OS version 12.2. Unfortunately, I do not know how to get this to work. Audio works through bluetooth speakers and headsets though.

Same problem here

my problem same this . And my old asus x8aij laptop used many years ( 10-15 years ) and have not sound