KeyMapper for Gameing

I tried ticore keymapper but it complain uinput kernel module is not loaded. I tried to use modprobe uinput on chrome shell but android containers still dont have uinput. I also tried octopus, and a modified version works but mouse curser stuck at 180 degree. Link:

I hope devlopers provide some form of keymapper or atleast enable uinput in android container or fix octopus 180 degree bug.

Google transaltion: 我尝试了ticore keymapper,但它抱怨** uinput 内核模块未加载。 我尝试在chrome shell上使用 modprobe uinput ,但android容器仍然没有 uinput **。 我也试过章鱼,修改后的版本可以工作,但鼠标光标在180度下卡住了。 链接:HTTPS://

我希望在新版本中devlopers提供某种形式的keymapper或至少启用android容器中的uinput或修复oxtopus 180度bug。 这个操作系统比凤凰和Android x86更好。

Tincore keymapper also have another problem android subsytem cant detect keyboard and mouse.