Shows unsupported os in store to install any app

I’m trying to install fydeos for pc. But to install installer it shows greyed out button “unsupported os”.

I can’t install anything from store

Well, I got this issue too on the current version of Fydeos (FydeOS v11.0 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 13421.23.11.4 (64-bit))… Have you tried to re-flash your pendrive/flashdisk using Etcher?

Okay, I just figured out:
Tl;dr you need to download the latest IMG file of FydeOS, flash it to your pendrive, then you can install the installer from Fyde Store.

Might this help you.

Man, to install in hd the installer from the store isn’t working, I got the same issue saying unsupported os. You have to install the os before you finish the fisrt boot. You have to reflash the fydeos to erase the configuration you made on pendrive, then in the first boot the first window that shows is to select language, right after you select it the next window you don’t start to set your configuration, look at the left botton of the page, there is a button written “installer”, you have to click there e select to install the OS in your HD before you do the first boot