Telegram 讨论群组基本规则 | FydeOS Telegram Community Rules

FydeOS Telegram 技术交流群基本规则

FydeOS 技术交流群的加入方式公开在 FydeOS 首页上,任何拥有 Telegram 账号的用户均可加入,也欢迎各位推荐。

FydeOS 目前的公开发行版仅为中国大陆地区用户优化及适配,FydeOS 官方运维团队也只能为身在中国大陆地区的用户提供帮助及增值服务。但任何人不论种族、性别、肤色、所在地域、宗教信仰、兴趣爱好均可下载使用 FydeOS。

在 FydeOS 技术交流群发言原则上以围绕 FydeOS 及其周边技术分享为主,我们也欢迎关于科技、生活、等富有正能量的话题之讨论和分享。群组讨论可以使用中文和英文。




FydeOS Telegram Group rules

FydeOS telegram group is an open group that welcomes anyone to join with a valid Telegram account.

Please note that as of today all FydeOS releases are only intended to serve within PR.China region. Usage outside of China is not endorsed nor supported by Fyde Innovations. However, FydeOS is and will be a free software for everyone. You are welcome to download, use, discuss and share FydeOS with the fellow community.

Please use this group to discuss things related to FydeOS and usage tips, issues, recipes as well as helping each other with using FydeOS. Chinese and English are the accepted languages in this group.

You may not use this community to promote unfriendly content including but not limited to violence, political, religious, commercial, etc. If found for the first time a warning will be given, repeated offenders will be eliminated from the group without notice.

Staying in this group assumes you agree with the terms above, otherwise please remove yourself from the members' list.