Andriod Subsystem unstable since new update

I’ve found the android subsystem problematic since the update.

Initially after the update it wasn’t working and Open GAPPS wouldn’t reinstall so I had to power wash, everything seemed fine.

Since then it has become corrupt 3 times (missing google services) when waking from sleep. I’ve reinstalled Open GAPPS each time which fixes basic functionality but many apps still auto close. I don’t want to power wash each time to regain full functionality if its going to corrupt again within days.

Running on Chromebook Pixel 2013

Is this going to be fixed?

it’d be helpful if you could please provide what were the “many apps”.

If by “corrupt” you meant “missing google services”, would reconfigure Open GApps help? my understanding is it won’t cause you any data loss and it’d fix the problem?

Yeh sorry I did mean missing google services, I reconfigured (if that means reinstalling) Open GApps each time and it restored Google services (so I had no more error messages) but some apps still auto close.

I don’t have many but Outlook and VPNs are crashing upon opening. I presume doing a power wash would fix this but if I’m going to lose Google Services again I’m going to be back at square one.

v11.2 should fix this issue, OTA is now live.