FydeOS doesn't show NVMe drive - Pinebook Pro

First off, I’m amazed at the image you’ve provided the PBP. I’ve been hoping an image like this would come along. I’m also very impressed with how well it works even booted from SD.

I’ve noticed something that’s hopefully an easy fix. I have a NVMe drive installed in my PBP. It is formatted as ext4, and used as shared storage across my eMMC and SD card installs. Unlike my previous Chromium install (ayufan) FydeOS does not let me access the drive. The installer app saw it, but it is absent in the Files app.

Are there any steps you recommend, or should I sit tight for an update?

Saw your post and hoping you might be able to help, Long time linux user, have both the PB and the PBP, running mandriva.

I saw the articke on FydeOS this morninig and wanted to check it out. Unfortunately my sites keep showing up mostyy in chinese, which is understandable since theyre based in China, but so far I havent come across a download link for the PBP.

Can you post a link?

Deeply appreciated,


Sure thing! Fyde posted a link in the announcement thread on the Pine64 forums: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=12201
That’s where I got it from.

I had no idea there was a Mandriva img for the PB/PBP, nice!

After almost 2 weeks, it’s incredibly disappointing to not see any kind of acknowledgement of this issue from anyone at Fyde.

Auto-mounting another internal storage in the OS frontend had caused some known issues that it might invoke a process in the Android subsystem to hog CPU resources to run some kind of media scan. We have fixed the problem for x86 builds, but not for ARM when we released the Pinebook Pro build.

This is now fixed and planned to roll into the next update.

Apologies for your disappointment, may I kindly remind you this is a community forum, not an official help desk. Maybe it’s possible that there aren’t too many FydeOS users for Pinebook Pro?

If you wish to utilise premium support with SLA, you know what to do.

I fully understand that this is a community forum, but from my perusing this forum before making an account, it looked as if the devs were active enough they’d notice bugs/issues for new images.

I wasn’t specifically seeking support, but was hoping someone could have shed insight as to why the NVMe drive didn’t mount in this Chromium image/variant. It looks like a Pine user has found the cause, which a dev did indicate in the Pine chat was instituted because of problems with storage trying to eject at inappropriate times.