cros-pi newbie questions

Hello, Community

I just started playing raspberry pi and cros-pi, I have a few questions.

  1. I remember seeing(either from fydeos website or github) that there’s feature to choose from google or fydeos webservice, is that just for PC version? any plan to make it available for raspberry pi?

  2. It seems after booting cros-pi, it’s asking to connect to google(i tried both my own build and official img from github), but that would need vpn for China mainland users if option for question 1 is not available any time soon, is it possible to install a vpn in cros-pi, say clash?

  3. is latest release m86 32bit only? i checked both my built and official img from github, the chromium browser help page is saying it’s 32-bit. what about rpi4b with 8gb RAM, that would need 64-bit to use all RAM.

  4. regarding graphic driver, right now, i can only use as guest, i tried a few websites, playing video, etc, it seems the graphic is not very smooth, not as smooth as Raspberry Pi OS. I heard somewhere, that the graphic driver for Raspberry Pi OS is delivered by broadcom as binary blob, no source code. is cros-pi using a genetic one?

  5. is there developer mode for cros-pi? i tried press Ctrl+D during booting, it boots normally

That’s what I have for now, thanks a lot!

And Happy Holidays to all!

I believe you’ve confused by FydeOS vs Chromium OS (many people do), with Chromium OS, we really do not have any intention to modify the vanilla behaviour and features set, other than adding stuff to make it usable.

Strictly speaking, Chromium OS as of today isn’t really capable to serve as an operating system for daily use, lacking too many small modules and cloud services infrastructure. This is probably the primary rationale behind the making of FydeOS.


  1. no
  2. no you can’t “install” anything but you can configure network settings to fit your needs
  3. chromium is of 32bit, but the kernel and most of the platform libs are 64bits. all 8GB RAM will be allocated
  4. it’s a little complicated to explain this but feel free to scrutinise the overlays and kernel
  5. you are already on developer mode, you should have access to crosh shell with sudo access

Hi, Alpha

Thanks a lot for the reply!

i take back point 4, after fixing network, i’ve been using cros-pi for days, the UI part seems to be smoother than guest mode, and youtube playing is quite good

last time when i tried to play a movie, i might have plugged usb into the usb2 slot, i tried again using usb3 slot, the movie play is also very smooth

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