what's fydeos shell daemon?

Hello, not sure if this has been asked before, I find fydeos shell daemon running in cros-pi, and the files are in https://github.com/FydeOS/chromium_os-raspberry_pi/tree/master/project-cros-pi/chromeos-base/fyde-shell-daemon-bin/files/fydeos_shell
is it close-sourced? what does it do?

FydeOS shell daemon is a piece of middleware that bridges Chromium and the actual Linux system. The daemon client is written in Golang and offered in compiled binary in FydeOS for better sandboxing controls.

It’s not really needed in the Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi but it was there for historical reasons when we attempted to enable Kiosk mode without Google Admin Console.

You can safely remove it from the ebuild file.

Thank you!