Black screen of death!

Hi every one.
I’m using Fyde OS for PC I just love it :heart:.
When I open telegram or discord app it works for a moment and something crashes!, and that causes my screen to go black.
Nothing you can do in this situation the only thing appears in the screen is the mouse cursor!?.

I have found a way to fix this but I really don’t want to do this every time.

Here is what I do :

Ctrl + Alt + F2/F1

I use top command to find the PID of the session manager and I simply kill it with
sudo kill pid
Then I login to my Fyde session account again.
I would appreciate any kind of help

This OS is specifically developed for the users in China mainland because people In China mainland cannot use the Google services for some reasons. This kind of third party OS may be unstable. If you aren’t located in the China, you can choose another instead.For example, there are the tools like Brunch which can help you install the official Chrome OS into your computer.However it may be difficult for you to use the tool because before using the Brunch tools, you should install the Linux system first.

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 Thank you for taking time to write this I appreciate it.

Actually No one here uses english usually which is dispointing, especially if you wanna help to imporve the operating system with your ideas and nobody cares, and that makes fydeos devs their own worst enemy, you have to listen to your users.

I’m not a hater I really would love to see fydeos achieves great success, I don’t mind few bugs, I never complain about bugs at all because I understand the process of software development it takes time I know I have to be patient.

What if i told you this os support android and when you install it you can’t use it because you need a touch screen so no keymapping tool fo you, it feels like you have a computer and you don’t have keyboard it doesn’t make any sense at least for me.

Eventually I know that discord is blocked in china, but I’m sure a discord server is a good idea to help things up here it’s a good idea to bring more people it’s very easy with discord and they can donate there.