chromium os usb stick

hello, i’m trying building different boards for open source chromium os

if i build amd64-generic, and flash image to usb, can i boot x86 pc from usb drive and use it as a live os?
and above all, leaving pc’s own drive(s) untouched? (i don’t wanna destroy my existing pc)

btw there’re also a arm-generic overlays, can those be used on arm boards like x86?

thank you!

you can build chromium os amd64-generic board and hoping it to run on a conventional x86 PC. chances are there will be missing drivers and other glitches, you’d have to fix potholes depending on the outcome.

in the realm of ARM, there is no one-fits-all solution. you need to sort out the bootloading for specific hardware device in question.

thank you, let me see if my pc works for amd64-generic,
so if it works for my pc, when i boot, it won’t erase my existing drive, right?

i built the amd64-generic image and flashed it to a usb stick

when booting from my usb stick, i’m seeing grub menu:

GNU GRUB version 2.02

local image A
local image B
verified image A
verified image B
Alternative USB Boot

i’ve tried all 5 menus, rest 4 will reboot, the first menu local image A it goes to black screen for long time …

so this basically means the amd64 generic doesn’t work for my pc? or there’s something i can do?

some good news, it works on dell laptop though, a bit slow, maybe my usb drive is too old

you need to obtain the serial output of this machine to diagnose what went wrong. like I said, this is very likely to happen.

thanks, i don’t know how to get serial output …
i guess i’ll mess up other machines instead of the one i used to build cros

btw, building arm boards takes about 5 hours on my machine, but when building amd64, it took 12 hours …
is this normal?