Hibernation Surface go when press the power button

Hi together! Thanks you so much for all your great work! Really enjoying my experience with fydeos on my surface go! I am just missing one thing: Hibernation! Is it possible to enable sleep mode somehow? Settings -> Device: I cant switch to enable sleep mode. It says only possible by the admin. Could you help me please?

Thank you so much!
Daniel :slight_smile:

it’s a known issue due to the kernel limitations I’m afraid. What you were seeing in the power management settings is a trick that we did to prevent it from going into hibernation, or it’d result in an unrecoverable state.

Good news is we are working on a fix right now. Stay tuned.

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Thank thank you so much for your reply! Sounds good to me and I know that I cant change anything at the moment :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the update!
Thanks a million and all the best!


Bumping this thread to know how much progress has been made so far regarding hibernation ? This is the single problem refraining me from using FydeOS everyday, as sleeping mode still consumes quite a lot of battery (and I use it very often/don’t like to turn off my device).

Thanks !

Try v12.1, it has been solved.

Hi Carrie. Thank you for your rapid answer.
Are you such it is the case though ? I don’t see it in the release notes…
I also just updated to 12.1, and I still see the “Sleep when cover is closed” option greyed out in the setting (which was to prevent real hibernation). Likewise, my Surface Go seems to come back from sleep too quickly for it to be ‘real’ hibernation (considering this is still and x86 Intel Chip, and not ARM with suspend).
I will try battery tests later on to be sure. So long as it low, I’ll be happy !

Well I can confirm that “12,1 hibernation” just drained more than 5% of battery in 1 hour. I find this still very high, compared to the usual <1% drain in Windows. If I had left the Surface asleep for a night, the battery would be nearly flat by morning.

Looking forward for better improvements if that is still being worked-around.
Good luck, as otherwize FydeOS is amazing and fits the Go so well.


Apologies for the confusion. FydeOS at this moment does not support hibernation(S4 state), yet.

Longer answer:

In previous FydeOS releases for Surface range, there was a kernel issue preventing the system to properly recover from sleep (S3 state). We have fixed the issue in 12.1, therefore Surface Go can now go into S3 state and fully recover without issue. But like you mentioned, 5% drain during S3 state is somewhat too high compare to S4.

Even longer:

Here is how Chromium OS manages its power and invokes power-saving mode (In Chromium OS terminology it’s “Suspend”):

source: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromiumos/platform2/+/master/power_manager/docs/suspend_resume.md

As you can see, by design, the device will go “shutdown” once suspended.

In the “Configuring suspend mode” section the document mentioned suspend_mode preference only has s2idle , shallow and deep option, per power states doc it does not support S4 “disk” mode.

Hi Alpha,

Thank you so much for this prompt and precise response on the subject. As I understand it, S4 is not supported in Chrome OS ? I hope you can fix it tweaking the Linux kernel (?).
Anyhow, kudos for you work as it is outstanding.
I’ll stick with S3 sleep for now then, and try to get the habit of switching my Surface off more often. But since I kept a dual boot with Windows (as I might need it for a few tasks), rebooting is not as fluid as it probably is on official ChromeOS devices.

One last question: is it possible (or do you plan to add such a feature) to automatically switch off Fydeos/Surface Go after a certain amont of time in S3 sleep ? This would be the killer feature, preventing huge battery drains overnight when you ‘forget’ to turn off your device, aka a great and acceptable compromise between instant reactivity (from sleep) and battery life (by switching the device off, after let’s say 30mn or 2 hours depending on your use).

Thanks !

sure, but this feature isn’t as easy as it looks. We will have to add a settings field to let the user turn on/off of this and preferably add a select field to specify how much time after suspend for it to shutdown. But good call, we will pipeline this.

Surface 系列不支持休眠 增加锁定屏幕指定时间后关机

目前默认是休眠 72 小时后关机,下个版本会改成休眠 12 小时后关机。

After translating this message, I would like to say I’d prefer something closer to 2 hours before switching off.

And probably speaking for most users, at 5% drain, this would make the Surface Go lose around 10% battery, which is fine. 12 hours would nearly completely drain the device (60%) if you forget to switch it off.

FydeOS/ChromeOS being very fast to load, I don’t think it would be an issue having to reboot it after 2 hours sleep.
Thanks for you work though, better 12 than 72 !