boot chromiumos using lenovo chromebook duet

hello, anyone tried booting chromiumos using lenovo chromebook duet?
i saw some video on youtube for a different tablet, i can hold volume up&down, and power buttons together to enter recover mode, then i insert usb flashed with chromiumos, but i was getting “The device you inserted does not contain chrome os” error
i used volume up/down to navigate options, there’re only “show debug info”, “cancel”, “power off”, “language”
how do i boot chromiumos? thanks!

i did it, just fyi for others who might run to same issue,
need to enter developer mode, in recovery mode, press volume up&down, from there disable os verification
boot from internal disk, open crosh, then shell and run
sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1
reboot, then you may boot from external usb drive

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