chromeOS 成功支持 KernelSU 和 LSPosed 啦。


  • 下载 修补后的 vmlinux
    vmlinux (9.3 MB)
  • Ctrl + Alt + t 进入 crosh 输入以下命令,

cd /opt/google/vms/android
ls -l
sudo mv vmlinux vmlinux_real
ls -l
cd ~/Downloads
ls -l
sudo cp vmlinux /opt/google/vms/android
cd /opt/google/vms/android
ls -l

命令要一条一条地回车,不可以一次性粘贴所有的。 命令输完的样子,如下图。

重启以后,就有 KernelSU 啦。

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刷入新版的模块。 (2.2 MB) (2.4 MB)







在 grub2-fyde 的菜单,按回车进去,就知道啦。

图形界面的 grub2 文件管理器 去 选择 默认的 .img 文件。

OK so… your tutorial is in fact very interesting because its catchy for the eye but Im right away faced with this:


So… just like the member @hackerror said there’s no android under the vms folder.

Then you posted some pictures of termux and a few links to root android with kernel su am I correct?

Now from rooting android we moved into… GRUB2-Fyde which is an huge mess for me since I run a Single Board Computer the Rock 5B and I have no clue how to use this fancy tool as it states somewhere that we need other requirements to boot into this fancy GUi.

So… is there a chance you make a more detailed step by step from the scratch of what to do to get this GRUB 2 Brunch thing to work so Rooting Android works?

My end goal would be getting gamepad support or keymapp for android apps such as diablo immortal. If you know a way… that would be super dupper.



然后你发布了一些 termux 的图片和一些带有内核 su 的 root android 的链接,我对吗?

现在,从 root android 开始,我们进入了… GRUB2-Fyde,这对我来说是一个巨大的混乱,因为我运行的是单板计算机 Rock 5B,我不知道如何使用这个奇特的工具,因为它在某个地方指出我们需要其他要求启动进入这个精美的 GUI。

那么…您是否有机会从头开始一步步详细说明如何使 GRUB 2 Brunch 正常工作,以便 Root Android 正常工作?

我的最终目标是为 Android 应用程序(例如《暗黑破坏神:不朽》)提供游戏手柄支持或键盘映射。如果你知道一种方法…那就太棒了。

客服哥哥 或者 客服姐姐,fydeOS for you 的内核开源吗?上哪儿可以找到 Rock 5B 的 fydeOS for you 的内核源代码啊?

You should patch your own kernel with Kernel_SU.

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I’m actually using openFyde.

Screenshot 2023-08-27 16.31.32

I think i’ve found the directory you mentioned… let me check… if it works.

cd /opt/google/containers/android

The android of fydeOS is LXC, using kernel of host system.

So you should build your own kernel for Rock 5B with Kernel_SU.

Well if you ever try it … let me know the steps cause i havent been lucky doing that…

Openfyde is just different than ChromeOS :frowning:

The vmlinux is the kernel of ARCVM, not android LXC.

Android LXC uses the kernel of the host kernel, not its own vmlinux.

So you should compile your own kernel for Rock 5B and patch it with Kernel_SU.

You shouldn’t just copy others’ kernel.

Above all, that vmlinux is for x86_64 not for ARM.

So what exactly should I do? Because following your instructions lead me to think I had to move the file into that directory. I have no clue on the steps to make this work… KernelSU doesnt work at all…

How can I access arcVM? does fyde/openfyde even have arcvm?

fydeOS has no ARCVM.
I guess that developers think ARCVM runs slowlier than LXC.